Gulliver Expeditions - Sold me the wrong air ticket

Quito, Pichincha 1 comment

Bought a tour including air tickets to Galapagos in December 2012. Upon arrival at the Quito airport a day later I found out that I need to pay an extra $168 because I was sold a ticket that is for Ecuadorians only, not valid for tourists. Gulliver knew very well that I was a tourist, they had my passport information when they called the airline to book. I contacted them several times, provided the receipts for the payment and they never got back to me, even when I called a week after the experience. Seems to me they deceived me on purpose, so they can flash a "low" price.


Monetary Loss: $168.


Petah Tikva, Hamerkaz, Israel #600662

Gulliver refunded me the full amount and I have no more complaints about them. Actually, I'm impressed that they followed up on this subject and made sure that I am happy.

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